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  • Kernavė is a small town situated only 1 km away from the homestead“Poilsis Kernavėje”. Kernavėhasthe brick churchof St. Virgin Mary (Švč. Mergelės Marijos Škaplierinės)since 1920. There are also the remains of foundation of an old church, a monument to the Iron Wolf, 2 chapels (the woodenone is a museum of church relics,founded in1995;the brick one is the mausoleum of Riomeriai family), a park, a monument to Vytautas. This small town is famous for its mounds, which are shrouded in legends. It is told that there was an underground road from Kernavė to Trakaiand Vilnius. The terrain of Kernavė is included into the world cultural heritage list UNESCO. When you arrive to Kernavė, it is recommended to visit the museum of Archeology and history.There you will get acquainted with the history of Kernavė. Start your excursion from the neo-gothicred brick church ofSt. Virgin Mary (Švč. Mergelės Marijos Škaplierinės).